Shenzhen Showdown

Subway Surfers Shenzhen 2024, also known as Shenzhen Showdown, This update releases new content includes 2 characters: Skye and Thunder, 3 new racing boards: Skyrocket, Electro Shock and Bada-Bomb. Immerse yourself in the mix of modern and traditional, from skyscrapers and malls to the ancient charm of the Splendid China Folk Village. Take a break at Dongchong Sand Beach and get ready for a show like no other! Don't let the delicious street food and bubble tea aromas distract you as we head to a grand performance. Join a thrilling journey through the bustling streets of Shenzhen and dive into the underground world of high-speed hoverboard racing! Complete the Season Hunt, Season Challenge and Plant Invasion challenges to unlock all the new content. J Balvin makes a surprise comeback, watch out for a super special offer in the Shop and participate in the exclusive Green Crew Run! Lots of special offers and events await in a thrilling first season of the year! Are you ready for the show?

The aim of the game is to collect as much gold as possible by running the longest distance.

Controls :

  • Left / Right Arrow = Move Left / Right
  • Up Arrow = Jump
  • Down Arrow : Roll
  • Space = Activate Hoverboard

You can see other side missions in the MyTour section at the top of the main page.

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